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If I won the lottery ….

The first thing I would do is buy my mom her dream house with the biggest kitchen ever. She would be the first person that I would think of because she has always thought of us throughout our lives, she has been my mother,father and my friend and that’s why she deserves the best.

I would take my mom on a shopping spree so she can get all kinds of clothes that she wants. I would taker her shoe shopping all over the world and get her all the shoes and clothes she would want.

The last thing I would do is get my son the thing he needs and wants. I think that because I am a Teen mom I don’t have all the money in the world to be giving my son everything he needs and deserves.


My Favorite Field Trip was …

My Favorite field trip was when we went to the Environmental Protection Agency, also known as EPA. I had a lot of interest in this trip because I understood most words that they spoke about and they thought me many things about their careers.

The EPA seems like a boring place to go and visit but at the end I ended up liking the trip. The tour people gave us a lot of information about other things not just what their company is.

The EPA gave us information over the different jobs they offered and the different internships as well. They allowed us to ask questions and answered them as much as they could.

I loved this trip because the tour people made me feel important and secure, they actually showed a passion of what they believed in and what they loved.


My Bucket List ..

Before I die I would like to do many things but I have five things that are more important than others. The most important one is to give my mom the dream house she deserves, I think that my mom deserves to get something back for raising 3 beautiful girls on her own.

The second most important thing I would like to do is go to Germany to visit the Holocaust memorial. Ever since I was learning about the holocaust in fifth grade I was very interested in it, so I made a goal to go to Germany after I finish High School, before I start College. The third thing is to meet my favorite WWE wrestler John Cena. Why? I don’t really know but I would really like to meet him.

The third thing is to Give my son what he deserves. I am a teen mom but i won’t allow statistic to describe me. I’m going to make something out of my self not just for my son but for my self.The Fifth thing is that i would like to meet my favorite Hispanic artist Jenni Rivera. She is my idol, she went from living in a garage with her daughter to someone who lives the famous life but also is up to helping organizations and her fans.


My Talent ..

In the fourth grade I started to play an instrument but it ended up not being the one for me. I quit my fourth grade orchestra. My fifth grade year I learned more about different instruments.

Middle school started and I joined the Band. I tried out for every instrument, didn’t work that good on every single one. I ended up playing the B flat Clarinet. Since then music helped me control my anger and my emotions. I expressed my self in my music.

I continued playing my instrument in high school, and even learned how to play other instruments. My freshmen year was the hardest in band because I didn’t know the things that had to be done. My first year helped me get better as a musician and as a person. My talent is playing Musical Instruments, the main one is the B flat Clarinet.

– Kassandra Yanez-Lozano

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Fun, Creative Clarinet player, loving music like her life. Interest are Soccer,shopping,and music.