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If I won the lottery…

If i won the lottery I’m pretty sure that I’ll live with modern life style. If i won like 300 million dollars I’ll buy everything special and important to me.

If i won that 30 million dollars I’ll pay to mom and my dad 100 million dollars each. And the rest of the money that i have I’ll do everything that i want before i die. My gold in life is if i have that a lot of money I’ll travel around the world and taste all different kind of foods. after that I’ll buy a new lake house, because i didn’t own my other lake house ,by my self, my grandpa and grandma own it.

That is all I’ll do if i won the lottery! but actually i have no money right now, because its just imagination not in real life that i won the lottery!!! 😀




My Favorite Field Trip was ….

Let’s talk about the favorite field trip that I ever been. Actually we have four field trips and all of them are: Harley Davidson, KDOT, EPA, and Downtown KC airport.

Actually all of the four it I rather the Harley Davidson is my favorite one, because we have to learn about the cool stuff and its too interesting. Harley Davidson is the place that sell the motorcycle and stuff.

We was going to the museum of the Harley Davidson by sat on the big couch and watch the Video of the Harley Davidson place  and we also went to the factory place for a motorcycle. The factory is have to build a lot and different kind of the motorcycle.

When we walked down to the factory place we saw a cool stuff like robot that work for the machine and stuff. Also, we learn some stuff how to build a motorcycle.

According to all of the above I really enjoy this field trip, because I gain a lot of Experience about the motorcycle.





My Bucket List

This is the five special things that I want to do before I die.

First one is jump out of an airplane. Skydiving has plummeted in price in recent years meaning you don’t even have to hop on a charity fundraising bandwagon to afford it. You can raise money for a good cause at the same time of course, or you can just do it for the hell of it.

Second is swimming with the shark. Swimming with the shark is not meaning that swimming in an aquarium with harmless nurse shark, but I’m talking about the real deal from eyeball to eyeball with a great white.

Third is driving a monster truck. When it comes to mighty machines, they don’t come mightier than a big, shiny, American Monster truck. They’re a marvel to watch and even more marvelous to drive. With the 7.5 liter engine and 66ins you can power your way over impossible terrain, crush cars and anything else in your path, fly off ramps and more.

Fourth is flying a plane. Flying experiences are available from airstrips round the country in anything from a lightweight glider to vintage. Flying the air plane by me is a lot of challenges.

Fifth is jumping out of a cliff. Leaping from a plane with the safety of a parachute is one thing, but for a real thrill try a running jump off a rocky cliff edge in nothing but your Speedos and plummeting into the choppy waters below. Maybe it doesn’t quite match up to skydiving in the exhilaration stakes, but for its sheer, tribal “grrrrr” factor.

This is my bucket list that I want to do before I die. Hope you guys enjoy and have fun with that. Thanks you!!!!




My Talent

All people have there own talents. I have some short essay of my own talents to share with all of you guy.

I think I’m good at baseball. I have been play baseball only 6months so I have to practice a lot almost everyday. Now I play in short stop and I really glad that I’m a baseball player and I go for Yankee and Royal. 🙂  Well!!!! my other talent is I’m good at photography. I never get bored of Technology stuff and I really enjoy it. I just want the whole world know who I am. Technology never end!


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