Water transportation / KDOT team one

Team One – Water Transportation

Team one, consisting of four exceptional high school minds, was given the task of developing a web site related to Water Transportation.  The information contained in this website is the culmination of hours of research and development by the Team.  Our goal as Team One is to provide information that will offer insight into the transportation industry, more specifically, Water Transportation.  We hope to inspire individuals to pursue the many career opportunities in this field.

Team members are:


Kassandra Yanez-Lozano, Junior at Washington High School

Expertise:  Modes of Water Transportation


Averial Jacobs, Junior at Wyandotte High School

Expertise:  History of Water Transportation




Bot Touch, Junior At Shawnee Mission North High School

Expertise:  Careers in Water Transportation



Sumitra Sharma, Junior at Wyandotte High School

Expertise:  Education / Training in Water Transportation




Sylvester Ayalla Jr., Couselor, Donnelly College

Expertise:   TBD