Sumitra – My post

My Favorite Field Trip was …

We was on four field trip

Those are:)

Harley Davidson,

Kansas Department of transportation,

Environment protection Agency (EPA), and

Downtown KC airport.

My favorite field trip was HARLEY DAVIDSON.  I like the most was Harley Davidson. This was really interesting field trip. I learn many things in there which are important and necessary for me. I saw video of motorbike. which was made by them.

Someone gives us more information about that. I really learn more thing. Thank you so much for gives us wonderful information.

Harley Davidson was really big store and so clean. They build more steps. There are many people that, They build more stuff for motorcycle, and other stuff.

I was appreciate that i would say i been in Harley Davidson. And i have more experience about that


Thank you….!!!!!1 Sumitra sharma…..^  ^

If I won the lottery …

If i won the Lottery, I will make a big and wonderful house for my family and for me. slowly i manage all the house stuff and other stuff which is necessary for me.  I will  visit  all the world with my family and friends. I would like to help me my community and society those who are poor people and homeless.

Well, if i won 50 million above or below, i will give to my grandmother who is in Nepal and around there who are disable.

Lastly, For myself i will became a nurse and working in a big office. I will fulfill my all hopes from childhoods.

well, lottery is not a small thing, its a big thing with lucky people but I’m not sure about this but then also trying to be a lucky to won the lottery.

WoW lOTTERY…~~!!!!



My Bucket List …

All people have their own thing to do in their life before die. That way i have my thinking before i die.


First one is to became a nurse and success in everything. Helping in society and poor people.

Second is to work in office that people also can think Sumitra work in a big office.

Third one is to earn more money and stay with my family. That i can support my family in their last stage also.

Forth one is flying a rocket  myself. with more experience.

And fifth one is to play in movie and became a famous girl.

This short and sweet thing that i want to do before i die.

Thank you

Sumitra sharma


 My Talent is ….

I’m Sumitra Sharma and i have another nickname Uma sharma. I have my own talent in everything but well i have more and good talent is in dance. I’m dancing from Nepal. I can dance for everybody in Nepal. In America i dance somewhere but not that much like in Nepal. I hope  my dance give me  some other skill in America  to do something and become something in my future. Plus this TTMASA  help me to do something without impulsive. I’m glad that i got chance to study in TTMASA program, and i hope that i never going to stop this program in every years plus my talent. I want to show my all talent to this whole world and then trying to know them. how I’m became this much great because of this TTMASA technology and my talent and my experience.



Sumitra Sharma




About Uma

I'm here in TTMASA program for my college and my future. My parents have their aim to make me a nurse so m trying to getting more experience about all to be a nurse. I hope i can success in my aim.