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My favorite field trip was going to the Downtown KC Airport. I learned about the different things that, Signature Airport did. I learned about the founder Charles B. Wheeler.

Signature Airport is Kansas’ first airport. The airport usually has personal owned jets at commercial planes. The people that own the planes and jets have to have a specific type of license to fly. They also have to have a minimum of 4-5 hours of training before you can get the license.

That license is only for small jets. If the person wants to own and fly a bigger plane, they’d have to have another license so they would be able to fly. The airport is across from the Missouri River and Kansas’ business center.

The airport also allows people that are traveling to refuel. This airport also serves as an actual tour site, as they have rooms that give you information about the airline. There is also another tour place that has a gift shop inside.

I learned a good amount of things from this airport, considering it is so small. I never even knew we had an airport in Downtown KCMO. When we went, I didn’t think it had much to offer, considering it’s size, but my thoughts were quickly changed. 😀


If I won the lottery, I would for sure live the lavish lifestyle. I would buy everything that I like and Love. I’d also get my mom whatever she wants, to the point that she wouldn’t even want anymore 🙂If I won the lottery …

I would pay off debts that my family owes. I would do tons of things if I won the lottery. I would like to buy a teacup Yorkie, even though they are expensive, it wouldn’t even matter, because I”m rich.

I would move from Kansas City, an buy a mansion. I don’t care for maids and butlers much, so I wouldn’t hire one.  I would also hire a bodyguard.

People tend to get jealous because someone won a lump sum of money, and want to go crazy.  But I ain’t dying over no money 😀


My Bucket List

I’m not completely sure on everything I want to do before I die. Here are some things that I would like to accomplish before the time comes.

First I would like to ride a train to another state. I’ve always wanted to go to Georgia, or Tennessee. I’ve never rode on a train before, so I’d love to do it. I’ve also wanted to drive with just me and my sister, on a trip far out. I know for sure that I want to just get away from Kansas for awhile.

I would also like to be in a top-class orchestra playing 1st violin. I’m very dedicated to my violin, and would love to make it a profession someday or be in a top orchestra. Lastly I would like to meet Alicia Keys. She is a very talented musician, that inspires me musically.

This is my bucket list so far. I want to add more, but not as of right now. I think my bucket is filled so far. Maybe in the future I”ll add more. 😀


My Talent ..

It began in the fourth grade when I began to play the violin. I continued playing, and in the fifth grade I started private lessons, since there was no one enlisted in the orchestra class.

I continued playing well into my sixth grade year. I was an advanced player, so I got first chair in the sixth grade orchestra. I started off with my first competition, which was a duet with my best friend. we scored the highest rating- a I. Within my 3 years of middle school, I continued to improve on my skills, learning new things.

I still held first chair, entering as a freshman at Wyandotte High School. Then I entered a high school competition similar to the one I did in sixth grade. I went to Regionals and scored the highest, then went on to state and scored a II. I wasn’t proud of the rating I received, so my Sophomore year in 2012, I went again, and scored a I and Regionals and State.

Now, my name is on a plaque at Wyandotte High, for being the first freshman violinist to score a I at regionals. I still continue to play, and increase my skills.


About mook4

I was born on December 5th, in Hutchinson KS, to two military parents. I always excelled in spelling in my elementary school, winning the spelling bees all the time. I also began to play music at the age of 10.