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From the very beginnings of civilization, man has used, developed and shared various modes of water transportation.   It seems that there is an endless variety of watercraft, both big and small.  These crafts are used for many purposes.  From small recreational vehicles to gigantic super battle ships and cruise ships, people enjoy the ability to be in and around the water for sport and for necessity.  The following list is by no means all inclusive but offers a glimpse into the many modes of water transportation.

Not in any specific order:

Paddle Boat (courtesy of lakebillychinook.com)

Kayaks (courtesy of nantucketkayakrental.com)

Canoes (courtesy of ambrosecanoe.com)

Speed Boats (courtesy of halamaks-travel.gr)

Pontoons (courtesy of travelizmo.com)

Cruise Ships (courtesy of realholidayreports.com)

Battle Ships (coutesy of desktopland.com)



Hover Crafts (courtesy of nauticexpo.com)

Jet Skiis (courtesy of gold-easts.com)