Thank You KDOT !

Kassandra Yanez-Lozano, Washington High

Thank you KDOT for allowing me to interact in this summer program and for allowing me to learn more about transportation and other subjects. This program allowed me to meet new people and make new friends. I learned much more about Math and Science. The best part of TTMaSA was learning how to make a Web site to give out information to everyone. I really enjoyed being in this program for these past few weeks. I hope to come again next year.

Averial Jacobs, Wyandotte High

Thank you KDOT for allowing me to participate in the TTMaSA program. I’ve learned much about the different types of transportation, and what you have to do to get those types of jobs. I also enjoyed the field trips we went on, because they gave me even more information. I hope to participate in this program again next year.  😀

 Bot Touch, Shawnee Mission North High

Thanks KDOT for gives us a good idea for  this summer program called TTmasa. I really enjoyed this program, because it have a good class to learn such as: Math, Science and Technology. It’s such an Awesome program that i never seen before.

 Sumitra Sharma, Wyandotte High

Thank you KDOT for gives us a wonderful chance to get learn and to get more information about all technology. We are glad that we got chance in this summer TTMaSA programe.

I think we all be here in next year and having more experience.

Thank you so much KDOT.

Sylvester Ayalla, Counselor / Donnelly College

Thanks to KDOT for another wonderful summer.  As a returning couselor for the TTMaSa program here at Donnelly College, I appreciate the opportunities to work with talented high school students.  I feel honored to have worked with the students on my team and feel we have accomplished much in such a short period of time.

Helping to create an atmosphere of learning during the summer is beneficial to not only the student participants, but for the staff here at Donnelly College.  I think I speak for all the staff in saying that those who took part in Summer 2012 TTMaSa have had experiences that will last a lifetime.     Thank you KDOT for a summer to remember.