Sylvester Ayalla

I believe I was blessed with the following:

  • Love for Family
  • Love for People
  • Love of Music
  • Love of Life

My love of my family was passed on to me by my Dad. I come from a big family and have continued the tradition. I have six (6) (seis) chilldren, 3 boys and 3 girls, who make me proud to be their father each and every day. Milestones in my family are the six births of my kids, the first time I heard the word DaDa, their first steps, the first booboo, their first Easter Suit or Easter Dress, their first day of school, their first report card, their first day of high school, their first date, their first time driving (OMG), their first car, and believe it or not……the best is yet to come.

Love of people is what keeps me doing what I do. I hope to make an impact (positive) on every person I come in contact with. I love working with young people, coaching academics or sports. I really enjoy seeing these people become successful.

I love music and always have I think. I encorporate music in my daily routines which are many. I am a professional DJ and have been a professional musician although it’s been a while. All types are fair game with me. I like Tejano, R&B, Hip Hop, Old School, Country, Jazz, Alternative, Christian, Classic Rock, some Contemporary Rock, and even 40’s Swing, and 50’sand 60’s and 70’s. I’m still working on the mix that I want played at my funeral.

My love of life encompasses all of the above and is growing daily and hopefully for many years to come!

-Sylvester “Silver” Ayalla Jr.