The History of Water Transportation

The history of transportation on water goes back thousands of years.  Because water is the one thing that mankind needs to survive, civilizations have always been settled near  and around water.

Historically, societies have always located near water, due partly to the fact that water enables more efficient travel compared to going over land. Waterways are critically important to the transportation of people and goods throughout the world. The complex network of connections between coastal ports, inland ports, rail, air, and truck routes forms a foundation of material economic wealth worldwide. Waterways are important to a society. They allow the ease of transportation to ship goods and people to all parts of the world. Types of water transport include boats, ships, barges, canoes, and submarines

Within the United States, waterways have been developed and integrated into a world-class transportation system that has been instrumental in the country’s economic development. Today, there are more than 17,700 kilometers of commercially important navigation channels in the lower 48 states.