Training and Educational Requirements
Training, entry, and educational requirements for several water transportation occupations are set up and controlled by the US Coast Guard. Operators and officers of commercially operated vessels should be licensed by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard offers a variety of licenses based upon the body of water, position, and type of vessel. It must be noted that workers when they change the body of water and type of ship must be re-licensed.  The entry-level workers are categorized as deckhands and ordinary seamen. Workers need to take training in realms such as firefighting and first aid. The training may take few days or weeks. There are two ways of training and education for an engineer or deck officer: applicant ought to amass thousands of hours experience while serving as a deckhand or to be graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, or another maritime academy.

Candidates who would like to get into this field and then grab higher position need to pass exams and hold extensive experience. Workers like deckhands who wish to advance should decide whether they want to work in the engine room or wheelhouse. With experience, deck officers and assistant engineers may advance to become captains or chief engineers.